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So what if you could look 10 pounds lighter almost instantly? Lucky magazines contributing style editor, Laurie Bergamotto, is here now to show us how you can do just that with the hottest shape wear out there. Some new revelations in this. And we're gonna show four problems areas. The first being, here's a before picture. This is Lindsey and the problem, I guess, is the bra? Yes. So on her back, her cups spill them over, but on the backside. Okay. So this is a way to fix it. If your wearing a turtleneck, which a lot of us are. Spanx makes a Bra-vo Bra. Let me see that. Now Lara, I'm going to hold it up for you. This is all power mesh in the back. It's $72. That's a lot. And it keeps everything nice a smooth. How does it keep everything from spilling over in the back? Because it's a power knit mesh. So instead of just that one band. It seems like a net. It's like a net that keeps it all together. She looks great and you'll get a lot of use out of that. All right. There you go. Spanx. So from bras. And it's call the Bravo. The Bra-Vo. . Oh, the Bra-VO. Yes.

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