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Behind the Seams with Sara- Holiday 2013 Edition: watch this video featuring products available on SPANX.

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Every single person that wears Spanx always says they have confidence because of Spanx, they feel better about themselves because of Spanx. So we decided to say, let's put our Spanx on and have fun in them. Really just showing how underneath it all, we've got our Spanx going on with everything that we're doing. We want the playful young sides of ourselves to come out in our Spanx because that's how we feel when we put it on. This Holiday shoot has been a lot of fun and the girls are awesome and of course with their Spanx on they were very brave. I feel like, you know, life is about not taking ourselves too seriously and these photo shoots are just a reminder for all of us, especially women, to take a deep breath and not take ourselves too seriously, have fun, and enjoy the holiday season.

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