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Sara with Haute Contour on E! News: watch this video featuring products available on SPANX.

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This is E News. / Juliana: Now on a lighter note, you probably know that Spanx are the secret to making celebrity bodies perfect. Now, forget the undergarments because the newest look from Spanx can actually be worn without anything on top. / Kim: The one item I can't live without is Spanx. / Woman: The make one, evidently, from the neck to the toe. / Juliana: Spanx are the stars ultimate slimming secret. It's the shapewear that makes you an entire size smaller. Eva Longoria accidentally exposed hers. So, did Taraji P. Henson at the Oscars. But now you can show off your Spanx as part of your outfit with their elegant new line of lingerie inspired looks called, "Haute Contour." / Sarah: Some celebrity fans are already have been Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba and Madonna called in and requested some. / Juliana: This lace camisole is a perfect top for classy dressers like Gwyneth, and you'd never know that it's Spanx. The line's founder, Sarah Blakely, shows how it completely sucks you in. / Sarah: So, you're getting rid of the muffin top and the little tummy pooch. And right below here is the little power lace shaper short. / Juliana: This very sexy short cut look is so Madonna, but the top flatters the bustline and can be worn by itself. / Sarah: Or you can wear it as a layering piece. / Juliana: The mesh shorts ensure there's no panty line or bulges. / Sarah: And this is holding her in and shaping her and masking any cellulite. / Juliana: And you can pair this pretty cami with a pair of jeans. If you're looking for extra slimming across the stomach, seek the peekaboo power lace thong. / Sarah: And this lace all the way across is actually holding in the tummy. / Man: I fought to bring you that story. And I lost. New story. Let's talk Mischa Barton. The young star is heartbroken...

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